Saturday, October 01, 2005

To Whomever wrote that unctuous praise to the CIA front

I haven't got time for this right now,

But I read your fine paean to the great furry-headed Jeff Rense JUST after I discovered he's permanently blocked my e-mail.

You'll find a couple of my articles at his site in the archives. One is called "Hometown Pedophilia, Slavery, Treason." The other, "Dean Dunked Deliberately"? They're first-hand reports. If Rense has since "disappeared" those, other blogs may still have them. Also look up "African Avatars and the Third Secret of Fatima."

You will NOT find one of my send-around letters which Rense printed as an article -- until incoming e-mails about it alerted him to what it said. And you will find that Jeff Rense has turned me into a "non-person" since then. Apparently he doesn't want his readers to see what I write any more. Apparently Mr. Rense and I don't have the same interests in the truths about certain matters after all. He will indeed censor certain things, since he has, obviously, very deliberately.

The letter that he deleted had people writing in concluding that "" was a covert CIA psyops site. I didn't make the suggestion. I just presented what had happened. This got me blocked from Rense permanently, from hereon. I also went from a daily contributor to Mike Rivera's letters column to a non-person.

The issue I raised was totally rational. The response was not. It appeared to be a retaliation.

I'd read another site claiming that "WRH" was a CIA site. I wrote about it jokingly to Mike. Suddenly I was cut off, permanently. I mentioned to a small group of correspondents, Rense included, this curious thing Mike had done. Rense printed it without reading it. The sudden and very large reaction alerted him to read it. He cut me off, permanently.

I'm friends with a couple of the regular columnists at Rense's site. I've edited some of their work for them. Rense does not know that now. I wonder how long they'll be columnists there should they find out.

(Added years later now: both Rense regulars whom I helped "disappeared" from his site shortly afterward. Neither knew I had befriended the other.)

What started as a friendly joke that met with uncalled for hostile response led me to begin to suspect that there are a good many CIA "trial balloon" sites on the 'net, and people are praising them for "the truth" without studying the patterns in which they do present the news, which later does or doesn't reach the mainstream.

If you're interested, watch for the patterns of "anti-zionist" news, and "red chinese threat" news in particular. I've been watching the latter for years. Rense is certainly not presenting "everything" about that.

There are also links he apparently never will use, which of themselves are quite reliable, but do not fit a pattern in which this " world's most revealing news source" would rather take its readers.

Incidentally, I know 2 individuals who were indeed involved with CIA "psychic" experiments. Other government entities are also involved, but the contracting for that fiasco was done largely through the Lockheed corporation. Rense's slant on those matters sound very much like the party-line of those (failed) experiments. Charlatans and sleazeballs were as much a part of the game as anything authentic.

I do know authentic.

There. CC: Jeff Rense as usual, and I of course will find it's been blocked. I am a non -person now where whoever actually organizes that site is concerned. It may be I've peeked too far into the closet.

I believe in honest free speech, my friend. I believe in the philosophical foundations of America. Do you?


Added 6/4/13, On Rense's "Brother Nathaniel," the Jew-hating sacerdote.

There's no more conspicuous evidence for a wicked international Jewish conspiracy than this repulsive, drug-addled clown with the downstate NY ethnic-Jewish Junior College Instructor accent. Yes he's drug-addled. His behavior on camera here is counterfeit. That's very hard to do without a big ol' M&M bowl of nummy nummy brain-numbing pills every day.

His message: there are a mere twelve million Jews on the planet. You don't know any of the "real" ones, they are a handful. And they run EVERYTHING. Six billion sheep, slavering to a few Jews. "The Jews," clearly, are a Super-race. You? You're so genetically inferior you're incapable of detecting any scam against yourselves or anyone else until it's far too late. All you've got is a cracked teacup full of naive "morals." It makes these Jews smirk, as, at their hypnotic suggestion, you gladly hook yourselves up to their oxcarts to mindlessly work yourselves to death. For... "the Jews."

So this psychotic drug-addled phony is working hard to see that you give up in the face of... "the Jews", whom you are too stupid to see are running your populations a thousand times their size. He dresses silly, perhaps as a wicked Jew-joke you are too stupid to recognize under your bovine noses... or for "plausible incredulity," so that us beleaguered Aryans with IQs a point or two higher than you sheep won't bother to ask any questions, so silly he is.

I don't care if the Israeli or U.S. gov't or whoever collects my name and IP address. But you dimwitted posters falling for this embarrassing travesty, take note, because they're certainly collecting yours.

Maybe you won't wind up in a shiny new concentration camp run by "the Jews." Maybe your comments will be profiled to smear your personal integrity even further, making people whom sexual perversions make uneasy seem like mutants, standing in the way of "progress," aka sexual perversions. I don't mean love. Gays are as capable of love as well as any individual. I mean loveless sexual perversions. Such as are recommended to serve population control. Such as the kind of psychology that's hiding behind the drug-addled imbecile in the priest costume, here. Okay, so a rise in psychosis and psychotic murders would be a side-effect of popularizing sexual perversion. You'll eat that too.


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