Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Even Imbeciles Can Look Good in a Suit

I don't pay much attention to Breitbart; come to think of it, I'll read something and if there's an inkling of what sounds like reality to it, then maybe I'll be curious about who wrote it. It's an educated habit: consider the information. Save the paranoia for the Lizard People from Outer Space.

Even old Sherman Skolnick served pepper amongst the flyspecks... tho' these days it's getting tougher to wipe off either thing and come up with the other.

Waaaay back in 1988 or so I decided to get locally political and helped organize people to clean out their local politicos and their cousins and cronies who had been infesting the public treasury like bugs in a grain bin. It was highly instructive and highly successful. It made me proud of what Americans can do, and proud to be one.

Old Humphrey was on our side. He took a shining to me and showed me his basement full of rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammo making equipment, enough for a local militia. He told me all about what the Second Amendment was really for. Never mind the idiotic portrayal Michael Moore tried to make of gun owners. Idiocy is never outweighable, toe-to-toe.

We whipped 'em all good, Humphrey among us. We got a whole new batch of County Supervisors in. They were realistic, too. For years, I kept in touch. Sure enough, things sounded sensible.

Old Humphrey got so fond of me I finally had to shake him off my boot. You don't chase off one gang of tax-sucking good ol' boys to form another, no matter how noble the new gang feels.

Two new things happened in Schuyler County. Humphrey had also taken a shining to a fella who'd come in pretending to support the local cause, then started shouting jobs, jobs, jobs, just support this supposed tire recycling plant he proposed.

I looked into this fella. He was from a mafia-owned dump at Tom's River, New Jersey. They were dumping trash in the woods up here. They were trying to legitimize sending hundreds of tons of dead tires to rot around beautiful Seneca Lake, claiming some new fangled machine from France would make them all into shiny new tires. There wasn't any such thing.

Sneering about "conspiracy theories" hadn't yet been invented. Nowadays it is too easy to sneer any gullible voter away from considering hard evidence. The post-hypnotic suggestion, "jobs jobs jobs" is especially difficult to counter, Republican, Democrat or Satanist. People hear that, they'll believe anything and sneer at whatever isn't an imaginary job dangled around their ears.

So at the county meeting I introduced myself to the audience and to the fellow by starting out "I spoke to your parole officer this morning" and continued on with a few things I'd learned. In about five minutes, he and his tire dump fairy tale and jobs jobs jobs were dead in the water.

Humphrey never forgave me. But it goes to show you the Second Amendment ain't enough.

I wouldn't repeal it, not with the kinds of characters inhabiting America today on any side. It's a rough-hewn provision to keep rough-hewn politicians honest, and most of them, once they can afford a suit and a little diction coaching (including down-home affectations) forget how rough-hewn they truly are.

The second event was when a fellow emptied his shotgun into the local social services office, murdering five women, none of whom had anything to do with the genuine wrong that had been done him. The office had been threatening to ruin what was left of his life over child support payments he hadn't owed in almost twenty years. None of the ladies he killed had had anything to do with that case.

So, there's the problem of discretionary use of the Second Amendment. It's a Catch-22: if you're smart enough to kill the right people, you're also smart enough to do things in a more civil manner. If you're not smart enough to do things in a more civil manner, you're bound to shoot the wrong people and shoot you will.

Consider the hundreds of thousands, even millions of wrong people bombed into splatter in the various countries into which the United States Government has been "bringing democracy." A suit, a law degree and millions of Americans hooting for you don't make "smart."

There's a reason I rail at the hyukking yahoos sucking for peoples' favorable attentions by demonizing gun-laden "Tea Partiers;" I see lots of them on Twitter. From this I learn that hyukking yahoos are the last to recognize the poor quality of the contents of their own minds. Here in reality those who first, spontaneously, began under the banner "Tea Party" don't now much resemble the media clown show capitalizing on those tapped by "the usual suspects" to pretend to represent the real and genuinely, justifiably angry people.

It's not only that the hyukking yahoos don't know who the hell they're talking about. It's that little matter of Second Amendment discretion, once honest rough-hewn people get sick to death of being mistaken for bad jokes. They too could start shooting the wrong people. No collegey-sounding speechifying could stop it. And what rough-hewn reasoning could talk these glib suits into taking responsibility for their parts in it? They were probably installed "democratically" to trigger it in the first place.

Hyuk hyuk hyuk, you hyukking yahoos.


Blogger Tom Dark said...

To Whoever looked up "Schuyler County Illinois murders": it's Schuyler County, Watkins Glen, New York, sometime in the 1990s. I looked it up the other day.

7:38 AM  
Blogger KathyB said...

Thirty years ago my younger brother would say with a grin, "There is nothing scarier than a plainclothes hippie."

We have more firearms than people in Kentucky. Always have had. Possibly more dogs than guns.

My cousin Chad was chastised by our grandfather for putting squirrel tails on bike handles. They lived in Frankfort and by then Granddaddy was handfeeding the little rodents. I had no such trouble in rural western area of the state.

Firearms, etc. aside, common sense is always in short supply here.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Tom Dark said...

Whut I'm sayin'!

5:18 PM  

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