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Cindy Sheehan, Weasels, Commie Rats

THIS WEEK (August '05. Awhile ago, huh?): The media has been cackling in controlled cacophony over Cindy Sheehan.

From here in Reality, I see a woman who feels violated at her son's hapless death, whatever the cause. Guilt changed her mind about having been sheepish and nice to the Spoiled Rich Kid when she was herded in and out for a hypothetical display of sympathy, production-line style. That Spoiled Rich Kid has a war to prolong. She must have sensed in person what those of us who have senses sense from our distances: the Spoiled Rich Kid sees human beings as fodder units.

That's a healthy guilt. Conscience had her camp out on the Crawford road to the Bush Showroom, a promo device for which the name "Just Folks Ranch" was probably rejected for being a bit transparent. She was then joined by sincere sympathizers, whose critical mass attracted a Circus of Flying Opportunists.

Comprising this Circus are the usual suspects. Apart from whatever agents provocateur have slithered in, "left" and the "right" media clowns create the show for us unwashed to whom the physical event is just our imaginations and emotions. The "left" vends the kind of social guilt that makes people's imaginations bleed, the "right" hawks the kind of guilt that makes people's imaginations want to stab.

I know some "leftists." They're easy enough to find when you're not rich. The conservatives I know don't resemble the media-made "rightists" at all. I'm not crazy about greed, sadism or the mind-numbing repetition of pop sports, so I've been lazy about keeping in touch with what of this type there may be out here in Reality. When wired as media whores, this type will do sadistic or mind-numbingly repetitious media acts for money. They're pestering the air with anti-grieving-mother buzzing.

Ten-dollar whores Limbaugh and Hannity et al are unapproachable by us unwashed, so I found who I could. I contacted a few lesser "rightists" who are sliming Cindy Sheehan for their supper.

Nickel word-whore Phillip Brennan, a wearisome old goody-two-shoes at Etherzone (www.etherzone.com publishes "left" and "right" articles) brags that he writes for a living. So I asked him about his bread-and-butter descriptions of Ms. Sheehan's various remarks as "demented," and "offensive to millions of Americans." All right, which Americans? Suddenly, he has no time for honest questions. Enough only for quaint adolescent insults: I am psychotic, demented and should go get medication.

Here is a precise excerpt of what Phil wrote me: "...wjho have been trying to kill us since bib Laden de;ertade."

Let's take a look at this again: "...wjho have been trying to kill us since bib Laden de;ertade."

Anybody? This looks like the demented sentence of a psychotic on medication. Did I take it out of context? I can't even tell. Anyway I didn't tease him about it. He is an old man. I wrote back some straight statements and got several lines of infantile abuse in return.

Also at Etherzone, another Cindy-basher named Greg Strange. Strange indeed, to sputter word-bile at a bereaved stranger because it suits the ideological agenda of some gargantuan mindless floozy. "No time" to answer straight questions. Afraid of "an e-mail war." Uh huh. He's not afraid to see people's kids killed in a politically manufactured operation, though. He's too busy flouncing his pompoms in the air, cheerleading.

This woman Sheehan has ten times your testicles, buddy. You've got nothing under your little skirt. Just a fear of questions.

I replied to Mssrs. Strange and Brennan that they are cowards. Brennan insulted what remains of the honor of the U.S. Marine corps by blustering back at me he was once in it. One can't help but notice that the old strumpet came back alive -- yet would verbally abuse a grieving mother whose son was killed. I'd doubt any fishy wife tale about his having seen action, then. Phillip Brennan will suck shamelessly on the whole Marine corps to subvert simple truth. Cowards will do that.

They'll also duckspeak political party lines. We might put these smirking schoolgirl slanders against this heartbroken American down to the typical beer-pissing of the species of potbellied flag-waver that is found in this country, (tho' I wish it weren't) -- except that I see that these two, among a larger herd of similarly possessed media swine, routinely and methodically spew out a curiously predictable party line.

There is not an original turn of phrase among this ilk. The bilious language looks like it's from a political handbook on how to frighten churls (read also "voters"). These geriatric junior Lenins scatter catchphrases that seem designed to divide doltish onlookers, right here in River City. Which party has ever employed such tactics? I smell two little commie rats.

The Sting of Stang

That's where Alan Stang comes in. I read The Etherzone largely for Alan Stang's column. It bothers me when he's not in it (even tho' he's got his own site at www.stangbooks.com).

I KNOW some of you are going to shudder. But trust me, you need to know who Alan Stang is. Anybody remember Robert Welch? That's "Bob" Welch to Mr. Stang; to baby boomers, the name is an eerie echo of old-time commie-baiting, which scared some of us as badly as did the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. That was the John Birch Society, back in the day.

Commie-baiting was a bugbear to lots of us kids. I'm the kid who once lambasted and shut up a whole townfull of threatened males for squealing at me about my long hair from the windows of their passing cars. My long hair supposedly made me a "communist;" me and Thomas Jefferson. I whupped 'em through the local newspaper. I made the village safe for boys who wanted to look like they were wearing an unsheathed mattress over their heads. Even my dad, who insisted archly that I looked like great Aunt Myrtle, was proud of me for that.

I was just out of diapers then (whereas Brennan and Strange still seem attired that way, if but psychically; will not inquire further), but thanks to a small book I'd plucked out of my dad's study, Welch's final discovery stuck quietly in my youthful, hippie hair-covered mind for decades. He had expanded his anti-communist view somewhat. The current buzzphrase for it is "new world order."

In 2001, "9/11" had me toying around reading Stang's columns, looking for clues or an antidote to the bullshit vapor being spread countrywide by Bush chemtrails. I forgave his putting tales of realpolitick in terms of "communism" this and "communism" that. Then one day in a column, Stang called TV whore Mike Wallace (60 Minutes), for whom he once wrote, "a prostitute." By jove! Dad! Is that you? Lama sabacthani?

Until I viewed Brennan's weaselly old visage at his cheap website, I'd always thought that Mike Wallace was "America's oldest living active male prostitute." I knew now I had a soul-pal. Mike Wallace in Stang's view is not just an old Babylonian male whore, but a communist Babylonian male whore. He even confronted him about it and Wallace just stared down at his more-than-ten-dollar shoes. I like this guy Stang.

Here is, if imperfectly, the weltanshaung Welch and Stang deduced: We appear to have had two warring ideologies ruling the economies of the world for several generations; they are "Communism" and "Capitalism." They make it impossible for the world to exist in peace. They are diametrically opposed and the countries involved are immortal enemies, like Lucifer and Gabriel. It requires people pay lots and lots of taxes and their kids' lives be on call. Elsewise world domination of one of them will doom us. But this is only an appearance. Those who set up this stultifying fairy tale have been in cahoots all along.

I will wing what "Capitalism" has long become in this scheme: it is a rather chaotic non-system where the obsessed children of the wealthy, in order to falsely justify their existences, attempt to control the world and everybody in it. Whereas "Communism" is a contrived system where they can do that in an orderly fashion called "government." Combined, they guarantee that those of us not born into wealth wind up wearing ninety-nine-cent plastic shoe-product at a markup designed to keep us equally poor.

"Communism" in Stang's logia is no happy, happy utopia where we work-shirted folksingers all get to dance equally around the Teats of State, taking needed sucks between our industrious endeavors. It must be defined as those events it has propelled have devolved in the generations beyond Marx's fantasies. It was and remains funded by the so-called capitalists as a grand, expedient way to create and isolate consumers, drain them of their individualities, and set the stage for a totalitarian world government to do more of the same (and of course a fine new religion-product would accompany that -- no messy independent thinkers).

And then these elites get to dance merrily around the labor of those gullible folksingers, sucking whatever can be borne without permanently depleting the Teats of this unprecedented Golden Cash Cow.

Stang didn't make these mixed metaphors up, I just did. I'm still playing with what my own intuitions have been gathering from his and other analyses. They tell me he that among the forward observers of world affairs he is too right.

Yeah yeah yeah, the Illuminati, the Masons, the Jesuits, the Skulls and Bones, Fabians, Malthusians, your Rothschilds, your Rockefellers, etc., yeah yeah yeah. And "the puppetmaster." I'm sure there are all KINDS of clubhouses and lots of obsessive perversities to choose from. But names are meaningless to us unwashed who can't afford the dues. This guy gives a concept through which one's guesses get more educated.

Communism would be a worldwide elitist enforcement arm to -- as
George HW Bush once put it -- "consolidate all the money and all the power into higher, tighter, and righter hands." We the people (read "fodder units") are put under the constant threat of punishment through annihilation by "Communist countries." Same goes for the the people in said Communist countries about us. Of course lately "the Muslim world" is pinch-hitting for the seeming defanged Russians. (My guess is that China is the next big "enemy" planned, complete with nuclear attack).

I'm leaving out a more complex viewpoint for now.

Keeping people psychologically divided must always be part of the plan. It is an old scheme, predating nonsense like "thesis and antithesis" in 19th C. communist twaddle by forever. The conviction that Hegelian logic works requires the same kind of literal-mindedness that makes a fundamentalist "Christian" a mindless fanatic. Question either and you'll get an answer like "...wjho have been trying to kill us since bib Laden de;ertade." The true believer will hammer that square peg into round hole if he has to destroy both to do it. Instead the grand ploy is the same old thing: a giant boogey man is out to get you unless you do as we say. Here are your 99 cent plastic shoe products, to start with. Wear them patriotically, pay for them often.

We "masses" get handed imaginary enemies as surely as the elite get tax breaks disproportionate to us workshirts. They are provided for us for their safety. So we now have the "left" communists who will have us bleed about Cindy Sheehan, and the "right" communists who will have us cut a terrified woman being brave to the world. There is money to be made by the same elite either way (in case there are those who don't realize it, news items make big money). Commie cretins like the two I met the other day serve as more advertising for the purpose.

As communism's core belief -- "economic determinism" -- is sheerly materialistic then Stang's own characterizations are dead on. They've bought and gutted religion, too. Take note of these media creeps claiming to have Jesus as their top philosopher... "Pat" Robertson for instance set up to short some stocks, then called for the murder of a foreign leader, which guaranteed a stampede, and he made a killing in those stocks. Tell me THAT isn't commie behavior.

I expect Cindy Sheehan has been set up as "the symbol for the anti-war movement." This way she'll make a handy pawn in a fixed propaganda game beyond her personal intent. One side could "win" and the other could "lose" according to decisions in which the Bush gang plays only a part. The genuine (and only truly effective) issue of the value of human life is conveniently being drowned out in the carnival barking.

Individual human life has no intrinsic value in communism either, does it, Mr. Stang? The Bushes would know they are expendable, like it or not. It remains to be seen whether they play the trump card of another "terrorist attack" in this embarrassing affair. If there's enough money in it, it'll be there. If not, it won't. "Economic determinism."

Cindy Sheehan alone knows her own intentions. She wants an end to the grief she feels, although it may last her the rest of her life. She wants an end to the war that caused it. To that extent she reflects the unspoken feelings of those who haven't the courage to say so themselves. Don't just "agree with Cindy," you dupes. Be you. Show a little more individuality than the two little commie rats that triggered this essay.

Those of us who see through the hubbub orbiting Cindy Sheehan, in whatever fashion we may, know we are on our own. That's the way it should be. Let's hope we can see well enough to navigate through the burgeoning clouds of greasy nonsense as yet to come.


Next: How To Bash Religion Properly.


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