Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some Fine, Fine, Fine Words about my MUUUUSIC.

JJ, a typical ordinary person just like you (unless you're not female), writes:

Psssst .... you wonderful, wonderful man. You are a
unequivocally, without ever even having stood in
your vibe. It's all over your writing, which comes
from your complex heart/mind/body/spirit thang, and
it is pure perfume.

What's more, your music (I misspelled that word ...
on first type, it came out mustic ... HA!) is even
erotic. How can a tune about pirates in high office
be considered sexy, you ask? Glad you asked. I
speak as a woman whose major e-spot is mental, and who sometimes has a hard time coordinating that with the usual ports of sense entry ... touch, sight, smell taste (ditto) and the other one accessed
by your music, sound. You squeeze not only the main one, but another, all at once ... artistic
intelligence, or harmonic brilliance, or lyrical
sumptuousness ... however they get rolled up
together, I can't figure it out without losing the
goody. Whatever ... it's the combination that makes
me wiggle in my seat and wanna meet that guy! And
you KNOW I'm not the only woman wired up this way.

(I reply, magnanimously:)

---Hell, woman, words like these will make me famous. I'll at least post them at me little blogspot. Yeah I've sent to various indy radio stations. I hear "brilliant" and "genius" and so on. But as Elvis said in Jailhouse Rock, "wheresa money?"