Thursday, December 29, 2011

Science Gets Tinier, Tinier and Tinier

Another bit from Roger's blog. The reference about "Muslims" is owing to Roger's insistence for three years in allowing a hostile, dishonest anti-muslim poster to post a continual stream of muslim-hatred there. Roger also has a sort of mental governor on his mind, holding back thoughts that he calls "New Age woo woo."

Oh jeeze I forgot to mention in Roger's previous blog that somebody oughta do a documentary on the subject wherein I've supplied a URL by clicking my name. There are lots of 'emm new messiahs showing up. One, they say, had to be killed dead and resurrected at least 14 times before the Holy Point was made. (That's "African Avatars", a few blogs back here)

As we may surmise from reading these blog comments these past years, it's very likely that Muslims have secret machinery that screws up people's minds and makes them think blasphemous woo woo like this. Plus, they are no doubt sapping and impurifying all our precious bodily fluids.

But back to our Holy Point. It has always been that there is "life beyond death, in fact, tons of it," by whatever religion and however literal-mindedly expressed. However literal-mindedly expressed, it could never be as reprehensibly literal-minded an idea as a methodical paranoid tattoo that Muslims are Evil and Out to Get Us, as Roger has promoted in his blog for far too long not to question the sanity otherwise presumed here.

Boiling it down to rationality, the non-Muslim-smearing message provided above has always implied that there is such a thing as the "non-physical" -- and this non-physical stuff has an effect on the physical.

I'm not speaking of "Laws," which are themselves non-physical concoctions invented to enforce equally invisible theories about how you're s'posed to behave about the apparencies of the physical so far as its legislators are concerned.

Imagine Watson's surprise to hear Bell's voice coming through a little doodad in the laboratory! Yet Bell wasn't there! And Marconi's, to hear organized beep-beep-boops through a little box of hot glass tubes attached to no wires at all! Invisible people, talking plain as day!

And Alpha waves! And Beta waves! And X-rays! And Gamma rays and more! And wee little particles, so wee as to be inconceivable to all but those fascinated with the wee-est possible things afoot! And! Each one of them invisible, yet capable of even devastating effects on the physical! And... and... is not fire an invisible, non-physical thing, until one lights a match? Or bombs a Muslim village?

Not to mention germs. Nobody had any idea before Van Leeuwenhoek started looking at his gumboils through a microscope of his own invention. Invisible critters! Who'd'a thunk?

All these and more, before conceived, were "non-physical" so far as the concensii of the brightest, if literal, minds were concerned. Huff, huff, huffed those chairing the most respectable departments, this wave, that ray, all poppycock. Yet some invisible, non-physical yearning, if taking forever and even the deaths of the most recalcitrant Knowers of Science Truth, kept bubbling up to the surface, driving later Chair Heads to accept just a little more of what is "real," or physical, at a time, if in smaller dollops by far than Xeno would ever have imagined.

Even now, after a few mere billions spent, glimpses of excitement are being spread through our Scientific Media Organs that there may be a Higgs Boson after all! This, of course, is the legendary "God Particle," the wee wee WEE-est of the wee, which creates reality as only those concerned can know it! All else? Woo woo.

I PREDICT: one day, perhaps thousands of years from now, scientists will determine that All That Exists is 99.9999999999 percent woo woo and always has been! Today's scientific blasphemy usually is tomorrow's rigid dogma anyhow -- which must be guarded especially against Muslims, of course (who else is there to carpet-bomb?).

And of course Black Holes and Worm Holes and all that are woo woo too. They're just ways of trying not to disturb Einstein's Relativity theory, while explaining things it doesn't allow to exist. But lately even the Higgs Boson Tribe, after two experiments so far, have observed for themselves that there is indeed such a thing as faster-than-light, on which the whole of Relativity rests (exactly as "the Resurrection" is the whole upon which Christianity rests). Never mind the 1912 observations that an arm of a certain Crab Nebula appeared to have been traveling far faster than light, too. Never mind the fact that if light will go slower (thus the "bend" in a stick put in water), there's no reason to conclude it won't go faster too.

Carl Sagan famously said "the only thing infinite is man's capacity to delude himself." The history of science itself is that: one delusion lifted after the other, in the hopes of one day peeling off the final skin of the Onion of Truth. This delusion towers most when a portion of the usually male population goes around huffing "I don't 'believe,' I know duh FACTS."

As that venerated chronic potsmoker himself pointed out, this capacity is infinite. I don't see it stopping any time soon.